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May 21, 2013 / Me and my girl...

Me and my girls…

I thought I should write a bit about our new daughter. F was born 8 weeks ago and is once again perfect like her big sister. Much to our surprise she is going to be tall now when I say tall I mean just not have dwarfism. Not as someone recently asked ‘off the scale?

After a couple of weeks( post diagnosis during pregnancy) of slightly panicking and contacting other dwarf mums who had ah children for reassurance, we quickly came to the love the prospect of this new journey. F was born and I was once again overwhelmed by her and thought she was perfect my love instantly grew to two children and all the usual feelings flooded over me including wanting to protect my little girl from other people’s assumptions.  The amount of well meaning acquaintances that have happily asked us how we are going to cope when she is 7 years old and bigger than us. I find it such a difficult question to answer without sounding tiresome. Of course we will cope parenting isn’t just about being bigger than your child. It’s about loving them, providing for them and creating a secure, safe happy environment for them to grow up in, I’m confident we can do this for both our children. Of course each of them will have their wobbles and I’m sure we will too but I think that if we keep open and communicate as a family then we can face anything together. I’m very excited and confident about this new journey I just wish everyone else would be too.


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