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April 12, 2012 / Me and my girl...

Back to work…

Going back to work has been really interesting, every day I change my mind whether it’s the right thing to do.

I switch between some days feeling like I’m one of those super women that balances everything and glows from it – check me out one minute I’m talking about audience figures with my stylish media glasses on the next I’m changing a nappy in my track suit. Other days I feel sad that I’m dropping P off and painfully miss her all day, whilst secretly hiding in cupboards at work to make phone calls to see how she is!

Don’t get me wrong I have only gone back part time and P seems to love this independence, one day she is with a child minder and a group of other little girls the next she is at my folks eating chocolate until she explodes and getting lavished with attention – heaven!

I think it’s more that I can’t decide what is best should I have just taken a full career break? After all we do want more little p’s and people at work don’t quite get the hang of part time -‘ is it tomorrow you’re in’? Or was it sensible to keep a job during this current climate and would being at home full time make me want to shoot Mr Tumble!


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