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June 26, 2010 / Me and my girl...

Pregnancy at 4’2

After getting over the initial shock we were still incredibly cautious, for anyone that has lost pregnancys then you know what it’s like. My good friend was also pregnant and she and her partner threw themselves into it and good on them, NCT classes, personal baby shopper at John Lewis and buying out the whole of T K Max. Whilst we sat at home and continued to use the word baby in inverted commas -” if this ‘baby’ is ok then we will have to get a cot”

I was a ‘special case’ so was seen at our main city hospital, everytime we met someone new there I managed to work into the conversation that this baby was going to be small almost testing their judgemental radar and daring them to make a comment. I don’t know why this was the first time in my life I had been confrontational and defensive about my height. And no one seemed to care I was treated with the same respect as everyone else much to my embarresment.


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