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June 26, 2010 / Me and my girl...


After 3 double dose pregnancies I had started to give up hope of ever becoming a parent. We knew adoption would feature in our lives but right now this seemed more complicated than trying to dodge a double dose bullet. I fell pregnant for the fourth time and this time we were not ‘trying’. We braced ourselves for bad news again and it was to our great shock when we found everything was going to be ok and we could finally start to hope that this pregnancy may go all the way.

To be small or not to be small….
The next question was whether this was going to be a achon baby or average height. D and I both didn’t dare mention what our preference would be without pre fixing it with ‘ as long as it’s healthy touch wood etc’ but secretly or actually not so secretly we wanted it to be small. It just made sense someone to carry on us and everything about us and also someone that could continue to create difference in the world. To our hidden relief we found our hopes had come true and we were expecting a dwarf baby.


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